Building futures by
improving access to Mental Health services preventing Veteran suicides promoting Health & Wellbeing removing the stigma in Reaching Out networking Veterans and support services helping with Homelessness & Housing providing music, sport & events & uniting the Veteran Community.

Preventing Veteran suicides and building meaningful futures by addressing Mental Health, Wellbeing, Homelessness & Housing and continuing "military comradery" into civilian life and beyond. Networking Veterans to help Veterans and promoting the importance of "it's okay not to be okay - please, please; reach out!"

Mental Health Access

Improving access to Mental Health advice for Veterans of the three Armed Forces, Frontline NHS, Emergency, Prison & Security Services.

Trips & Events

Improving Veterans and their families wellbeing with Adventurous Training, Breakfast Clubs, Music & Sporting Events.


Creating a fair and transparent Registered Charity that with fundraising, sponsorship & support; depends upon & organises itself.

Alongside great advice from the ex "Head of MoD Veterans Medical Assessment Programme" needs YOU!

Regional Managers & Admin Staff
Mental Health First Aiders
Saturday Breakfast Clubs

Veterans, Housing & Mental Health

FREE & Confidential service

Whether you could manage a team for your region, train as a hotline Mental Health First Aider, be a Phone Buddy, collate & research information or write Veteran related Mental Health content? Or simply organise a monthly breakfast club, local pool league team or football outing to bring veterans together?

Awareness, Fundraising & Events

Be part of the solution

Be it sharing our website and Social Media pages, participating in our own scheduled fundraising events, organising your own sponsored event or attending our "Veterans Wellbeing" networking events - please feel free to get involved!

Reducing the Stigma & promoting:

"It is okay to reach out!"

It is okay to "ask for help" and Mental Health issues "are normal" amongst Veterans. Feel free to take our Mental Health Self-Test or to Reach Out to our completely confidential service - especially if you are in dire straights with family, financial, housing or personal issues. - Removing the stigma of Reaching Out!


A solid foundation

Veteran Mental Health Counselling

Led by ex NHS/QARANC & RAMC, guided by the ex Head of the MoD Veterans Medical Assessment Programme and overseen as a Trustee by the Chairman of the NMA Gulf War Memorial committee. aims to provide UK Veterans with access to a 24 hour Mental Health & Housing issues services at a level they deserve and have earned. And promote sound mind and help with wellbeing.

Veteran Mental Health Counselling

Discover, join & help veterans:

Who are we & what motivates us?

QARANC veteran serving 10 1/2 years. Nurse then care sector working with teenagers behavioural & mental health issues. NVQ Children/Young People L3, Assessor A1 & Care Management L5. Local authority Social Services as a Training & NVQ/QCF Officer.
Nikki Hester
Nikki Hester
Ex QARANC/NHS Nurse & Mental Health/Social Care Trainer & Assessor
"I made the decision to leave before I was kicked out, my drinking was escalating beyond control. Within a year of discharge I found myself homeless in London and a chronic alcoholic", (now 17 years reformed and sober).
Kev Doughty
Kev Doughty
Trustee & Charity Formation - Co-Founder & Committee Chairman of the successful NMA Gulf War Memorial

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